Whitstable or bust: Foxgrove CC day at the seaside

Back in early June, Liz Pepper suggested a club ride to Whitstable for early August.  Depending on the route, total distance would be 100-120 kms (65-75 miles to old codgers like me) and about 1000 metres of climbing.  At Foxgrove we tend to run two levels of cycling group.  An ‘elite team’ known for their speed (16-18 mph average) and amazing exploits in the more challenging events and sportives such as L’Etape, Maratona, Ride London and so on.  Oh, and their ability to consume vast quantities of lager!  The second ‘leisure group’ who are just as keen on their cycling but usually happy with shorter distances and 12-14 mph average speeds. click here for more..