Club Meeting - 15th March 2016

Hi All,

With the clocks due to do their business at the end of the month and the prospect of lighter (and hopefully warmer) evenings, it’s time we started making concrete plans for Foxgrove Cycling Club’s second year of cycle fun.

We’re therefore having a little get together at the club next Tuesday 15th March from 7.30pm onwards. The aim is to have an informal meeting where we can have a few drinks together and get opinions about a range of issues. Main ones being:

  • Organisation of weekday evening rides – are we happy with Tuesday nights, starting time? What date shall we start up weekly rides? Can we implement a rota of ride leaders?
  • Planning for other rides/events – do we want organised weekend rides? Other cycling activities, e.g mountain biking trips, trips to other parts of the UK, overseas trips·      
  • Membership fees – on a wider club level, we hope to keep the same fees structure of free for members of other sections and cost of social membership for non-club members. However, we need to decide whether we want to charge a small extra fee so that the cycling section has some funds of its own to subsidise equipment (like bike pumps, a ride leaders repair kit) and activities (e.g bike maintenance course).
  • Setting up of a Cycling section Committee – now we are more established, we need a Committee to provide better structure to our activities. To fit in with the general club structure we need at least 3 committee members including a Chair and a member with financial responsibility. We will no doubt want other roles too. Any suggestions for potential roles will be welcome and volunteers for roles (particularly the more serious ones of Chair and Treasurer!) will be particularly well received. If you want to get involved in any way whatsoever, don’t be shy.

The newly formed committee will then meet in the coming weeks to sort out the detail of our discussions.

If you have opinions on the issues above and would rather share them via email or if you cannot attend next Tuesday and want your say, please  

Please also feel free to suggest other issues for discussion.

If you have tapped up any new members for the club over the winter, Tuesday may be a good time to introduce them to the fold.

Hope to see you on Tuesday